Jun 14, 2021

In this episode, Sarah shares her teaching journey and her decision to transition out of the classroom. In this interview, Sarah proves that the decision to leave the classroom doesn't always have to be because of a negative experience or toxic culture. I also share with you my decision to transition back into the classroom and I share with you some reasons why I feel this is the best decision for me.


  1. Guilt or shame should never be our reason for staying in the classroom. We do not have "ONLY" one way to impact students.
  2. We can impact students by impacting the teachers who teach them.
  3. I still plan on tutoring because I found I was EXTREMELY effective in a tutoring role in reaching hard to reach students.
  4. I still plan on subbing because I know that a great sub is hard to come by---and what a blessing I can be to educators in this time.


Instagram: saritarosa83

Twitter: sarahhumes8


Resources Shared by Sarah:

Burnout: The Secret of Unlocking the Stress Cycle

The Ruthless Elimination of Curry



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