May 24, 2021


In the final episode of her takeover for the Stand With Educators series, Alexis discusses how the "First Steps to Systemic Change" and reframing the "Principal Paradigm" can contribute to creating cultures of wellness in our schools. She also provides actionable steps that teachers and administrators can begin today to nurture environments where wellness is a norm instead of a novelty. 

Alexis Shepard is an 8th-year teacher who has experience in both the elementary and middle-level setting. Experience with burnout early in her career led to the creation of The AfroEducator, where she arrives to empower teachers to challenge the good teacher narrative. 

In this episode you will:

  • Learn what a “culture of wellness” is. (4:30) 
  • Get action steps for creating a culture of wellness in your school: 
    • Step 1: Use mindful self-work to help staff/colleagues. (6:00)
    • Step 2: Image the systems that could be implemented to support a culture of wellness. (7:35) 
    • Step 3: Establish a wellness committee. (9:30)
    • Step 4: The power of follow-up meetings with staff/colleagues. (11:00) 
    • Step 5: Invest in self-care education. (13:10) 


  1.  Share your experiences - Burnout can cause feelings of loneliness and shame, so talking with others will break down these walls of isolation.  Also, by sharing about your experiences, you're opening the door of influence which could be just the help that your staff/colleagues need.  
  2. Check-in - Consistent staff check-ins allow for teachers to share what’s happening in their lives and what support they might need.  Click here to get Alexis’s check-in template
  3. Invest in self-care education - Self-care is more than just bubble baths and walks, it’s about investing in YOU to be your best self.  Check out the list below for Alexis’s favorite self-care programs. 



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Instagram, Twitter: @theafroeducator

Facebook: The AfroEducator



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