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Aug 07, 2019

In this *BONUS* Summer Self-Care Series episode, Sarah Kaminski shares with us how she went from overwhelmed, under-confident teacher to creative, self-loving BURNED-IN Teacher. She tells her story of transformation during her weeks of involvement with The BURNED-IN Teacher Small Group program and how what she learned has changed her mindset, goals, teaching and leadership style. 

Sarah Kaminski is a 6th grade ELA teacher in central Wisconsin, where she has taught for the last 6 years. She’s been on the podcast before, but she was also a member of The Burned-In Teacher Small Group Program this Spring… and does she have a story of TRANSFORMATION for you!

Find Sarah:

Instagram: @SJ_Kaminski

Podcast: Changing Mindsets, Changing Schools

 Sarah's Message to Us:

1. Stop the shame and talk about your struggles. Sitting in isolation and frustration isn't good for anyone. 

2. Find the support that you need to get to a better place of fulfillment, creativity, and confidence. 

Your Action Steps:

  1. Like Sarah said, STOP THE SHAME and SEEK SUPPORT. Those are the two biggest factors that are going to get you out of your burnout. 
  2. Look at yourself in the mirror. Go ahead. It’s just you and yourself. I want you to see how your body reacts when you say to yourself, the things that you believe about your current reality.  How do you feel? How does your body react? If your eyes well up with tears, or it’s hard to list all of the things you expect or others expect of you - and you’ve NOT sought support…. IT’S TIME! 
  3. Go to and learn more about the support that I and hundreds of other teachers WANT FOR YOU. It isn’t enough to “SAY” things will be different. YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. 


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