Jan 27, 2020


Did you know that 80% of the thoughts you thought today are the SAME you did yesterday? Crazy statistics, isn’t it?  That is why it is SO important for you to pay attention to the narrative that you are telling yourself because just your thoughts can keep you in a very negative spiral that will keep you from nurturing your strengths and getting out of burnout.  

In this episode, I go solo to let you in on the eight mantras I encourage my Burned-In Teacher Tribe Members to incorporate into their daily lives. These mantras are powerful because they offer a new narrative to tell yourself so you can beat the burnout.   I also explain to you how you can change your actions and your outlook by simply changing your self-talk. 


In this episode you will: 

  • Know what the Reticular Activating System and how it impacts your thoughts. (4:40) 
  • Understand, even though as teachers teach our students to have a “growth mindset”, we are often stuck in a “fixed mindset”. (6:05) 
  • Get to know the Agents of Same and their counterpart, the Agents of Change 
    • Perfection Patty VS Try-It-Out Trevor  (7:25) 
    • Overwhelm Olivia VS Step-By-Step Sabrina (8:20)
    • Negative Ned VS Positivity Payten (9:08)
    • Anxious Avery VS Go-With-The Flow Frank (10:35)
    • Superhero Sam VS Human Hannah (12:34) 
    • Excuse Edward VS Capable Carrie(13:56)


  1. Binge Listen to October’s podcast episodes about “Understanding your Teacher Brand”.  
  2. Take the Burned-In Teacher Quiz to find out what type of burnout you have.  This will be helpful in picking your mantra to help beat the burnout!
  3. Download your copy of the Agents of Change posters to remind you of your self-talk and how to change it. 



Agents of Change

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