May 18, 2020


Being questioned about your brand, what you stand for, can feel really icky at that moment.  But, it’s actually a good thing because it means that you’ve made an impact in some way (either positive or negative) and you’ve turned heads and made people wonder about you and what you stand for. These sometimes uncomfortable conversations offer you a chance to become more self-aware of what you stand for. 

In this episode, I’m going to answer a question I get asked a lot when being interviewed and also on social media: “Amber - what the heck is a BURNED-IN Teacher anyway?” I am going to walk you through everything BURNED-IN!  I am going to start by sharing with you the different stages of burnout and how to move from one stage to the next so you no longer feel like you have to settle for being stuck in the feelings of burnout.  This is important because, when you decide to never settle for going back to that place of burnout - well - that means you are well on your way to becoming a BURNED-IN Teacher and I’m laying that path out there for you today. Let’s go!

In this episode you will: 

  • Learn strategies for when people resist the changes they see and are questioning your choices as you work on never settling. (8:00) 
  • Know what the 5 stages of burnout are (11:40) 
  • Get tips on how to move from one stage of burnout to the next.  
    • Stage 0 - Burned-Out (feeling isolated, alone, overwhelmed) (13:00)
    • Stage 1 - Build Your Spark  (feeling resentful, guilty, and stuck) (13:55) 
    • Stage 2 - Build Your Ignition (feeling validated, curious, and asking questions) (15:25) 
    • Stage 3 - Build Your Flame (feeling activated, starting to make changes) (17:04) 
    • Stage 4 - Build Your Fire (feeling intentional, engaged, seeking a new way of being) (18:12)
    • Stage 5 - BURNED-IN (feeling empowered, supported, and balanced)  (19:43)



  1. Get your copy of the eBook Stages to learn more about your current stage of burnout. 
  2. Take the Burned-In Teacher quiz to determine your burn-out type so you can start taking action to beat the burnout!
  3. Download your copy of the Agents of Change posters to get affirmations to help you change your self-talk.  



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