Sep 28, 2020

“Mindfulness” is a current buzzword in education.  The ability to teach students reflective and self-regulatory practices is a goal in many classrooms.  While these elements of self-awareness are seen as powerful and essential for students, they are sometimes things that educators forget to develop in themselves.  In order for teachers to show up as their best selves in the classroom, they need to make sure that they take the time to support their emotional selves as well.  

In this episode, Erin and Dave share their experiences with teacher burnout in their 25 + years of experience in education. They share their daily efforts to be more mindful in their own lives and how they’re working hard to help other educators to be more mindful as well. They believe in focusing on educators first so that mindful teachers can then help their students to also be more mindful of their daily work. 

Dave Tashian is a school counselor revered for his focus on creating a positive school culture through fostering connection and community. Dave brings his sense of humor and a combined 25 years of high school, middle school, and now elementary school experience to both The Mindful Educators Podcast and Professional Development events. Dave has been honored two times as his school district’s teacher of the year and has his Masters in Counseling, Masters in Education and Masters in Educational Leadership.

Erin fuses her 30 years of teaching in one of New Jersey's most competitive school districts with her Masters in Reading and multiple yoga certifications to foster a mindfulness-based teaching and learning experience that yields critical thinkers and high achievers equipped with self-awareness, self-regulating skills, and an ability to steadily navigate life's challenges. It is her belief that it is our responsibility as educators to develop our own mindful awareness so we can create classroom communities that support students in excelling both academically and emotionally, without losing the rigor and edge they need to succeed and compete in the 21st century.

In this episode you will:

  • Here about both Erin’s and Dave’s unique experiences with burnout and how they used that as an opportunity to better themselves. (9:15)
  • Understand the impact of the “inward ripple effect” and how it is so important to take care of teachers in order to take care of students. (15:30 
  • Get ideas for how to incorporate more self-awareness and mindful practices into your daily routine. (22:00) 
  • Learn about the power of journaling and get a structure to what to include in your daily journal entries. (24:00) 
  • Understand the power of connection and know that it is important to look for support in having solution-driven conversations with others. (34:00) 
  • Know that there is power in reframing the way you think about your experiences with burnout. (40:00) 


  1. Find time to be with yourself so you can pay close attention to your thoughts and how you are feeling.  This could be meditating, finding moments of silence in your day, or even going for a walk.   
  2. Incorporate a daily journal practice.  Try out the strategies that Dave suggested to get you started.  
  3. Find someone to connect with about what you are feeling and start looking for solutions.  Need help finding someone?  Join the Burned-In Teacher Community! 



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Balance is B.S. by Tamara Loehr

Permission to Feel by Marc Brackett




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